Larry  Nelson

Larry Nelson

Larry Nelson was born and raised in AZ (3rd Generation). After High School, he started work as a draftsman and after 12 years held the position of electrical design engineer. An early midlife crisis hit and he joined the Phoenix Fire Department and will be retiring in June of this year.
In 1995 Larry launched the Phoenix Regional Sportsman Team Challenge match which in turn introduced him to Kelly McMillan, Rock McMillan and Bob Marvel. In 1998 he apprenticed with Bob Marvel, building custom 1911 pistols and continues to spend time each year in Bob's shop.
In 2011, his relationship with Bob Marvel and Rock McMillan led to a project to redesign and improve Bob's original 1911 to .22 conversion. Larry then formed Nelson Custom Guns, LLC and began prototyping and testing. In 2012, he began producing conversions for sale.