Maureen  Broderick

Maureen Broderick

Maureen Broderick is the Founder and CEO of WorldWideWomen—a new company on a social mission to tip the world a bit closer to gender parity. Her new online platform,, is the first-ever global resource center where millions of women and girls can come every day to discover and connect with thousands of valuable organizations, programs and services exclusively for women.
The company just raised the curtain on the website with over 6,000 listings in 20 major cities around the world and growing daily. It hopes to become the primary source of information and community for women.
WorldWideWomen is Maureen’s 4th professional career— she began as a ballet dancer performing with the San Francisco Ballet; segued into business serving as the CMO for several major professional service firms; launched her own consulting firm now in its 19th year; and at 67 has just launched her new global company. Maureen’s favorite message to all - “It’s never over until it's over!"