Rory  Young

Rory Young

Rory Young is a wildlife tracker and activist who has been fighting against poaching all his life. Born in Zambia and brought up in different parts of Africa, Rory took to wildlife tracking as a child and decided to make it his life’s mission. He applied to become a forest ranger and a rigorous five year apprenticeship where only 5% of applicants pass, only two attempts are allowed. Rory made it through the first. He has honed these skills in the bush as a pro-safari guide and tracking consultant. Rory has been in the field for over 20 years. He says, “I found that the very people who had knocked back the poaching in the 90s were now old, or were replaced with younger, less experienced people in the very skills needed to win this new war on wildlife. And there was also no publicity about what was happening. Rory is co-Founder and Director of Chengeta Wildlife, and Chief Anti-poaching strategist.