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Tree McKenna.Cinque

Tree is on a mission of Om-Powerment. By working with crystals, Reiki, sound and the power of the human mind, she helps others realize their potential and their connection to Universal energy and the Divine. As a Certified Advanced Crystal Master, Tree’s knowledge of the crystals and physics helps remove stubborn blocks that hold people back from living joyous lives. Tree applies this knowledge and ancient Pythagorean musical healing techniques to the Singing Crystal Bowls as well. The individual sounds of the bowls and the unique harmonies heal the body on a cellular level, working through the chakras or energy centers—lifting the “issues from the tissues.” She is also an Advanced Clinical Hypno-Counselor and takes clients back to the origin of a long-standing physical or emotional problem to release it…in this life-time or earlier with ground-breaking Parts Therapy and Past Life Regression techniques. As an Angelic Reiki Master, she calls in the Archangels to participate.