Claudine  Phillips

Claudine Phillips

Claudine Phillips is a Certified Health Coach and has had a remarkable journey to find her life's passion. She began her career as an integral part of the launch team for the USA automobile company, Saturn. That led to her 15 years in sales, training and development for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. And then, she made the conscious, important life decision to change paths from corporate to sole proprietorship in the health coaching field in order to pour all of her positive exuberance, faith, and energy into a profession that uplifts the lives and well-being of others in a big way. Claudine is host Paula Phillips' sister and she is cut from the same "giving" cloth! For the last 9 years, Claudine has been coaching thousands of people, helping them find their best health and life. And now she is thrilled to bring her energy, passion and work to team with Right Road and be of support to parents and educators across the country!