Dimitry  Toukhcher

Dimitry Toukhcher

Dimitry Toukhcher immigrated from the Ukraine to Canada at 9-years old. Over a six-year period Dimitry exclusively financed his education selling books door-to-door and increasing revenues to over $1M annually, allowing him to graduate debt free from UBC’s Sauder School of Business with a Commerce Degree, double majoring in Management Information Systems & Marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit and hard work also allowed him to buy his first house as a 3rd year student in Vancouver. By the age of 25, Dimitry had knocked on over 40,000 doors, one pitch involving Prince. After travelling from Jamaica to Japan, Dimitry founded LGFG Fashion House in 2010. From his apartment living room, Dimitry and his now wife, began cold calling corporate Calgary and selling suits by accommodating clients in the comfort of their own office. Within the first calendar year LGFG’s revenues were approximately $1M and has clients in more than 20 countries. DAVID LOVES THE SUITS!