Victoria  Savage

Victoria Savage

Victoria Savage is an RN of 25 years, a Dementia Prevention Specialist, Senior Success Strategist, public speaker, author and a Nurse Intuitive. She understands that true health involves more than just the physical; it incorporates every aspect of the human experience, and Prevention and Pro-Action is her framework.
Through Guided Wisdom readings Victoria puts you in touch with the spirit aspect of the Universe to help you gain perspective, direction and guidance along your way.
As a Shed The Story coach she helps people dig deep and identify recurrent themes that stand in their way, limit them and keep them from fulfilling their higher purpose for being here.
Victoria’s passion for helping people prevent needless decline has lead her to do extensive research into integrative, and alternative health options that positively impact the whole person, including the spiritual aspect of health and disease. Her passion is to empower people to take charge of their life and health.