Sharyn  Rose

Sharyn Rose

Since birth, I struggled with being out of step with the world. I had numerous physical problems and was shy, reclusive and felt clumsy and unwanted. However, my intuition or psychic sense was wide awake in those early years, and helped me to remain vigilant and safe in an unstable environment. I became a survivor. I learned to read people. At the age of 17 I left home, and at the age 18, I crossed the Rocky Mountains alone on a Greyhound bus. I began a wondrous healing journey in a new land. I learned about love and loss, Through it all I was growing, developing and understanding my spiritual path. I dedicated my life to becoming someone who could make a difference, someone who could take the pain of the past and transmute it to the successes of the future. I became me. And I became a psychic medium and life coach.