Kerstin  Plehwe

Kerstin Plehwe

Kerstin Plehwe is an entrepreneur, speaker & bestselling author born in Munich, Germany. She is an international business expert & visionary thought leader who is powered by her passion for excellence & innovation. Kerstin is a trailblazer by being the first female president of the German DMA & the first German to win the prestigious US Pollie Award. She has worked with top politicians, Olympic athletes & corporate executives. Her busy life as keynote speaker, company owner & philanthropist has brought her to more than 25 countries inc South Africa, Japan & USA. In her early 40s she followed her core passion & became a Ranger in the South African wilderness – an out-of-comfort zone learning experience that changed her views on life & leadership forever. Her book, based on this experience, became a bestseller & has inspired thousands of readers to refuel their passions & grow beyond their comfort zone. Today Kerstin Plehwe is a sought‐after motivational speaker, author & activist.