Cassie  Schindler

Cassie Schindler

Cassie Schindler is a 40-year practitioner of eastern meditation & skilled MBSR-trained mindfulness educator. With her company, The Alternate Path, Cassie offers innovative solutions around self-insight, self-regulation & stress-management for community and corporate groups. In the world of stress-reduction, Cassie is considered a subject matter expert. Her blended solutions include her own IP, Mindful U (6-week course), Mindful Me (4-week course) and the MBSR 8-week curriculum. A former 25-year Fortune 500 executive and healthy survivor of MS (multiple sclerosis), Cassie knows personally the toxic impact of chronic stress on the nervous system and has made it her life’s work to deliver potent wellness programs and coaching to individuals, non-profits, community and corporate groups. Since 2005, Cassie and her team have empowered thousands of individuals through training, consultation, retreats, day-long & multi-week courses, for clients such as Apple, Ernst & Young, LinkedIn, & Yahoo