Dr. Benjamin  Emmert-Aronson

Dr. Benjamin Emmert-Aronson

Benjamin Emmert-Aronson, Ph.D., embodies public service. He began this path while still in high school, becoming a student representative to the Ohio Public Sector Psychology Committee. While he could never have predicted the end of this path, this thread followed him through his doctoral training which featured both research and clinical work at the Boston and San Francisco VA Medical Centers.
Following the completion of his internship, he co-founded Open Source Wellness, the first Behavioral Pharmacy, providing structure and support to fill the "behavioral prescriptions" doctors give patients - eat healthier, exercise more, reduce your stress, connect meaningfully with others. These four ingredients are necessary components to living well, and Open Source Wellness is creating a world where it is as easy to access them as it is to walk into McDonalds! Check us out at www.OpenSourceWellness.org