Chrissie  Lam

Chrissie Lam

For 12 years, Chrissie worked as a Concept Designer in the fashion industry in New York City. It was a dream job exploring new cities and countries, finding the latest trends and inspirations and meeting interesting people. However, despite its perks, something was missing. After a 3 month sabbatical in Rwanda in 2008, Chrissie began her journey into philanthropic work raising money and awareness for women’s sexual violence, genocide documentation and school fees and supplies for children. In 2012, these efforts dovetailed into The Supply Change, a consultancy Chrissie started to develop for more socially-conscious sourcing options for the fashion industry. She merged her passions for design and international development along with her skills and network to evolve from fashion towards philanthropy.
As the founder of ‘The Love Is Project’ she realized this was an answer to constant media exposure of stories about fear, war, displacement and terrorism.