Dino  Cattaneo

Dino Cattaneo

Dino Cattaneo is CEO and Managing Partner of Hoolibean, a boutique digital marketing firm. He partners with Fortune 50 companies to small start-ups to help customers find, choose, buy, use and love their products and services. At the intersection of creativity and analysis, he leverages the data available in digital marketing channels to spark the insight that allows a brand to make an emotional connection with a customer. Dino has 20+ years of experience in digital marketing client services both on the agency and corporate sides. He builds acquisition and branding programs integrating web site and mobile design, search engine optimization, aggregator and affiliate marketing, paid search, social media, digital media and email communications. He’s worked with the brands of Microsoft, Best Buy, General Motors, Morgan Stanley, ING, Liberty Mutual, McGraw-Hill, JD Power, Iron Mountain, Comcast, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Progressive Insurance. His MBA is from Harvard Business School.