Mr. Joss  Tillard-Gates

Mr. Joss Tillard-Gates

Co-Founder and President of Bridges Society of America, Mr. Joss Tillard-Gates, currently serves as Assistant Legal Advisor in the office of Jerome E. Horton, Member of the California State Board of Equalization. A Kansas City, Missouri, native, Mr. Tillard-Gates attended the University of Connecticut where he earned his B.S. in Political Science and spent all four years as a member of the Huskies football program. Following that experience, Mr. Tillard-Gates went on to earn his Juris Doctor from Western State College of Law in Orange County, California. His successes in the educational, athletic and political arenas reflect, among other things, discipline and an unprecedented attention to detail. Empowering young men across the country to fully realize their career potential is as commendable as it is necessary for the continued growth of the nation. Collectively, he and others have made a commitment to foster such empowerment.