Julia  Glyde

Julia Glyde

Julia Glyde is a Motivational Speaker and Expert Speaker Trainer. She has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for over 30 years. She started her entertainment career at the early age of thirteen as an equestrian stunt rider and trick roper. In her early twenties she formed her own band, recorded three bilingual music CD’s and toured for several years. In her early thirties she became the spokesperson for a major California Casino and appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Alongside her entertainment career, in her forties Julia founded a Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization and rescued and rehomed over 1,000 homeless pets. At age 46, after spending three years in career transition, Julia launched what’s become a successful and popular Bay Area Speaker Training Program helping entrepreneurial women use speaking to grow their business. Julia make public speaking, for live presentations and on video, fun, easy and profitable.