Sarahlyn U  Phillips

Sarahlyn U Phillips

In 2000 Sarahlyn U Phillips turned her vision of assisting working single women with children into a reality. She is the Founder and Chairman of a nonprofit organization entitled AWWIN Inc: A Working Woman In Need. AWWIN helps single, working women and their children better their circumstances. Sarahlyn’s foresight and vision regarding the plight of single working women have been central to its success. She is actively involved in the key management and strategic decision making - business and venue operations, administration, educational programming, development, infrastructure design and execution, grant budget, risk management, policy making, PR, and community relations. Featured in various news outlet, she was honored as one of the 2008 Savannah Technical Foundation Community Stars and was named as the 2009 Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award Recipient of Savannah, Georgia. She is the mother of five lovely, adult daughters and the grandmother of eight.