Kelli Mercurio & Vivian  Vega

Kelli Mercurio & Vivian Vega

Breast Friends of Pennsylvania launched its affiliate in 2012 in Stroudsburg, PA. The Co-Directors are two friends and breast cancer survivors, Vivian Vega and Kelli Mercurio. Vivian was diagnosed in 2004, and Kelli was diagnosed in 2010. Prior to starting their affiliate, they worked together caring for children with special needs. Vivian's background is in Business and Education, and Kelli's is in Social Work. They supported each other through their cancer journeys, but after treatment they both realized that not all women are as fortunate. Many don’t have the level of support they each had and they began searching for a way to bring their passion and heart to help the many cancer patients in Pennsylvania. Since that time, they have provided hope and support for many women and families impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Breast Friends of PA continues to grow each year.