Dr. Jayne  Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC is an emerging New Thought Leader specializing in Spiritual Psychology. She is also a Master Certified Coach; one of only 400 in the entire world. She is founder of The Divine Intelligence Institute™ (formerly The Gardner Institute) and author of Divine Intelligence: A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the God Within (© March 20, 2017/Mindset Press). Through her proprietary Divine Intelligence Process™ she helps individuals and groups accelerate their spiritual advancement. She also offers Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ (endorsed by the International Coach Federation). Through her Institute, Dr. Jayne offers a wide array of professional and personal services and tools for transformation of consciousness grounded in science, ancient wisdom and universal spiritual truths including The Divine Intelligence Process™ and Spiritual Life Coach Certification.