Dr. Leonard  Mehlmauer

Dr. Leonard Mehlmauer

Guest Bio Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.) CEO of Grand Medicine (www.eyology.com), is visionary professor, researcher & writer in the Eyology sciences, Natural Healing, and Cooperative Community. In clinical practice since 1972 (now office-retired), author of SCLEROLOGY—A New View of an Ancient Art • PHYSICAL Iridology—A Textbook for Students and Teachers • The GREAT Liquid Diet • IRIS-2—PERSONALITY Iridology • The Sclerology MapBook, • MapBook of Physical Iridology, field handbooks, and manuscripts and designs on Espheria and EspheriAshram CoOpComs. Dr. Mehlmauer continues to research, teach and write on Eyology, diet, lifestyle, cooperative community, and human culture. Online and full Eyology DVD courses are currently available thru gm@grandmedicine.com / 1-619-240-3711 (USA) / www.eyology.com.