Laurie  Ratto

Laurie Ratto

Laurie is a change agent for health care, in a quest to alleviate her personal stress and chronic pain she discovered the power of holistic therapies and why it is essential to address the mind and spirit along with the physical body in order for true healing to occur.
Her passion is to alleviate physical, mental and emotional pain, promote healing, health and wellness by working with individuals and teaching healthcare professionals, caregivers and lay people complementary therapies (also called integrative medicine).
By combining her 30+ years as an RN in conventional medicine and a decade of experience with holistic therapies her clients and classes receive the best of both worlds.
She is an RN, healing touch certified practitioner and instructor, certified clinical aromatherapist and certified in guided imagery. To relax she loves spending time with her family, gardening and being out in the woods or walking along the beach.