Mason  Funk

Mason Funk

Mason Funk was born in Los Angeles. At 15, he became a born-again Christian, and also realized he was gay. He had no idea how to solve this dilemma. Little did he know that already, LGBTQ pioneers across America were fighting for Mason’s right to one day live proudly as a gay man.
Mason went to college at Stanford, and slowly embraced his sexuality. In his late 20’s, he fell in love with a Portuguese man, moved to Portugal, and began working in film and TV.
In 1993, Mason returned to Los Angeles. Since then, he has produced hundreds of hours of award-winning content for networks like the Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, and Fox Sports.
Over his career, Mason discovered that the part of his job he enjoyed most was interviewing people. In 2014, he decided to use this passion to create the first comprehensive interview archive of LGBTQ pioneers. Although many LGBTQ elders have passed away, there is still time to capture the stories of those still living. This is the mission of OUTWORDS.