Danilo  Moura

Danilo Moura

Danilo Moura is Co-founder and Head of Creative Services at LOOT Interactive located in Culver City, CA. During his tenure at LOOT, Danilo has been the executive producer of multiple VR experiences, eight cross platform games for the XBOX®One and PlayStation®4; eleven video streaming applications on the PS3 and PS4; four mobile games and over 700 Virtual experiences for PlayStation® Home. Danilo continues to champion the continued development of the VR, AR and MR platforms utilizing LOOT's extensive experience in video streaming, game and interactive entertainment experience development.
Recently, Danilo served as Executive Producer on Cycling Pathways To Mars starring Dr. Buzz Aldrin. Mr. Moura interfaced with NASA, USGS and Internet Archive in order to gather the highest quality and most realistic source assets for Moon and Mars references.
In this VR room-scale experience, developed for 8i and Time Inc.’s LIFE VR, LOOT combined multiple technologies with their innovative VR fram.