John  Burke

John Burke

John Burke has won two Emmy awards for his work as a television host and actor.
Currently, he can be seen travelling the Silver State for PBS with his hit show, Outdoor Nevada. So far, Burke has explored over 11,000 miles of backroads and highways to experience the diversity and beauty of this great state. His other hosting duties have included series on all the major cable networks including shows like: Personal fx: The Collectibles Show, E! News Live, America’s Psychic Challenge, American Movie Classics, and Last Mysteries of the Titanic (where Burke explored the actual Titanic with James Cameron for five weeks). Burke can be seen in the new Transformers 5 movie as well as the upcoming film, LBJ, starring Woody Harrelson and directed by Rob Reiner. In it, Burke plays Governor John Connally of Texas. His other film work includes Sicario, The Amazing Spiderman, RIPD and Astronaut Farmer to name a few.