Steve  Blake, ScD

Steve Blake, ScD

Steve Blake, Doctor of Science, is faculty nutritional biochemist at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience. He has offered many classes at the University of Hawaii. He designed and ran the Hawaii Dementia Prevention Trial, a clinical study at the Hawaii Alzheimer’s Disease Center. He is author of the 2008 McGraw-Hill college textbook Vitamins and Minerals Demystified, A Nutritional Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease, Mastering Migraines, Parkinson’s Disease: Dietary Regulation of Dopamine, Stop Strokes before they Start, and Understanding Fats and Oils. He has written Mosby’s Alternative Remedies and is co-author of Mosby's Drug Guide for Nurses, 4th edition. He also authored the Diet Doctor, software for analyzing dietary nutrients. Steve Blake attended the University of California. He is a research specialist in nutritional biochemistry. Email: