Diane  Consolino

Diane Consolino

Diane Consolino has a rich and diverse background. She started her career in the healthcare industry successfully worked with culturally diverse staff to improve workflow, productivity, and care through process re-engineering and innovative training programs. She managed budgets of $3-7 million and staff of 80-130 people. Diane has been a practitioner and teacher of personal transformation for over twenty years. She has a strong private coaching business. Her clients are smart, success oriented, high achieving professionals and business owners from across the United States. Diane’s business is dedicated to teaching people how to ask for what they want, to overcome obstacles, and achieve targeted results with velocity. Her proven methods and programs provide her clients with the clarity, courage and confidence to meet their goals. Whether Diane is speaking to a large audience, teaching a course or talking over a cup of coffee with one person, the message will resonate.