Ms. Kara  Scott-Dentley

Ms. Kara Scott-Dentley

Kara Scott-Dentley is a double scientist turned entrepreneur and success specialist. Prior to retirement at the age of 35 years, she served in the Federal Government as a Physicist and Geospatial analyst for 9+ years. Her research is well respected and is published in the United States of American and internationally. Since her retirement, she has been privileged to travel around the world to give talks on the Science to Success using methods and strategies learned during her academic and work career. In addition, having known the excitement and frustration of wanting to give, be and do more with her time, she shares with individuals and organizations on how to earn additional income on a part-time basis and for serious individuals, how to replace their traditional linear income with passive income while working part-time from home. Her desire is to inspire others to dream a bigger dream, and to live the life they desire NOW!