Dr. Tom  Rohrer

Dr. Tom Rohrer

Dr. Tom Rohrer, is a Life, Performance and Coach, and Psychotherapist (MFC 20325) who has been in private practice in Walnut Creek, CA since 1979. More information at tomrohrer.com.
Dr. Rohrer has worked primarily in addiction treatment since 1973. He is the Executive Director of the Addiction Recovery Graduate Programs. ARGP goal is to help people who are in recovery, to expand their resources and build their momentum! They offer live and internet, seminars and coaching groups. Find out more at graduaterecovery.com.
Dr. Rohrer is the author of the book, Thriving Beyond Addiction: A Complete User-Friendly Guide, a primer for recovering from an addiction. It is a step-by-step guide that explains it all. His workbook his currently being revised! thrivingbeyondaddiction.com Purchase on Amazon