Julia  Baker

Julia Baker

Julia is Australian born, lived in England and Germany prior to moving back to Australia. At the age of 16 Julia left school and went on to complete two trade certificates in Bakery and Confectionary. Julia climbed the ranks of 5 star Hotels in Sydney and Brisbane.
In 1998 she married and while raising her two daughters she also longed to follow her passion of being an Entertainer and working with animals. By 2008, her marriage ended which resulted in being a single mum with few opportunities for work and virtually no support. Julia started her own business performing successful Puppet Shows but it wasn’t covering the bills.
Julia suffered a bout of depression, anxiety and a lot of self esteem issues. This eventually lead her to make a decision to end the victim role and be a role model. Snake catching was a major turning point in Julia’s life which lead to a TV series on Discovery Channel and now Animal Planet. Julia has been featured in many articles and news media.