Tiffany  Scott

Tiffany Scott

Tiffany Scott is a true pioneer in the evolving world of MARKETING and BRANDING. Always driven to deliver more, with SOUL, she is constantly pushing the edge of her comfort zone.
An Australian, now based in Los Angeles, Tiffany honed her skills as a Creative Director by re-injecting life and vibrancy into powerhouse international brands such as Speedo and Millers. Her strength, in fact her super power, is identifying and fostering the DNA of businesses. This DNA is the secret sauce of who you are, where you come from, and where you want to go. Once determined, financial success becomes an unavoidable by-product.
With the right tools, anyone can build a business with integrity and longevity. You hold the KEY, and with a tidal wave of positivity, fun and good vibes, Tiffany EMPOWERs you to unleash your personal BRANDING DNA for greater success and fulfillment. Learn more about Tiffany at