Toby  Chrisitensen

Toby Chrisitensen

Toby Christensen is a recognized expert and innovator in the field of therapeutic drumming and music. “Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life” is the foundation of his therapies, his teachings and his music. He is known as a “Sonic Architect.” Toby uses sound energy to create a force that disrupts unhealthy patterns then combines elemental rhythms to restore and realign. the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are working live with Toby utilizing his unique therapeutic drumming techniques or listening to one of his customized Shift It! soundtracks, one thing is for sure, your life will be positively changed after an experience with him. Toby always brings his “A Game”! With his high level energy, unique music skills, and decades of study with indigenous people and therapeutic experts around the world, he brings a revolutionary viewpoint to solving life issues on both the personal and business levels.