Colin  Wright

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is an author, podcast host, and full-time traveler. In 2009, he was running a branding studio in LA when he realized that the lifestyle he was locked into wasn't bringing him any closer to his true ambitions. He scaled his business down to something he could run from a laptop, got rid of everything he owned that didn't fit into a carry-on bag, and hit the road. For the last eight years, Colin has moved to a new country every four months, his readers voting on the location. In between homes he's undertaken other travel adventures, and he's currently exploring the US. Colin is the author of over thirty books, both fiction and nonfiction, and his blog, Exile Lifestyle, is read by millions of people every year. He speaks to crowds around the world about topics ranging from simplicity to the future of publishing. Colin is the co-founder of Asymmetrical Press, and his podcast, Let's Know Things, is a news analysis show that adds context to what's happening around the world.