Steve  Jennings

Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings is the Founder and CEO of the high performance consulting firm, Invincible Warrior Leadership Systems, a Best Selling Author, Lawyer, Speaker and Seminar leader in the achievement and leadership industries, an Executive Consultant, a United Nations (UN) Ambassador For Peace, and a United States Silver Medalist and All-American Athlete. Steve is a trusted consultant, advisor and mentor, whose guidance, strategic business experience and champion example has transformed the lives of thousands. Steve recovered from a brutal and horrifying automobile accident, was expected to die, but overcame a wheelchair binding paralysis to emerge as one of the nation's leading authorities on personal improvement, achievement and peak performance. Steve provides people and companies with the experienced direction to overcome the odds and win in business, finances, health, relationships, and in life - all infused with his unique, tough-love Invincible Warrior leadership style.