Richard A.  Cross

Richard A. Cross

Richard A. Cross is currently a professor, an empowerment speaker, coach and author as well as the founder of Energize Your Thoughts. As a young boy, Richard had very little; he slept on old clothes instead of a mattress and was often told he wouldn’t amount to much in life. He proved those critics wrong and as a young man became a successful athlete and police officer. Amidst the challenges he faced early on, his desire was and is, to help and teach people how to overcome adversity in order to achieve what they once deemed impossible. Richard now works with individuals and groups to recapture their focus on how to achieve their life and/or career goals in easily doable steps with the right perspective and strong desire to succeed. Through inspirational, motivational mentoring, speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching, Richard provides services to help people realize their greatest potential.