AJ  Jain

AJ Jain

Dr. Jain – known widely as AJ – was inspired to volunteer in a soup kitchen after a conversation with Tony Robbins, who had shared with him the correlation between food and self-worth – in particular, "how the impact of hunger on humanity, especially children, was devastating on more than just a physical level." That experience led AJ ultimately to the creation of Feed A Billion, which advocates for the hungry and displaced around the globe. AJ's vision "is not only to eliminate hunger," he says, "but to eliminate the wilting of the soul that it causes. To bring joy in the form of a meal to the receiver and the giver.” A vision for one person of means to share one meal with one hungry person, and repeat that transaction a billion times over. Dr. Ambuj Jain currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 2 children.