Kim  O'Hara

Kim O'Hara

Intuitive Book and Story Coach Kim O’Hara helps ambitious men and women powerfully turn their life stories into books for freedom and peace of mind. Through her book coaching process, clients move through the transformative precipice between the old story and the new, personally and professionally experiencing a profound opening in their lives. Kim created stories as a Hollywood movie producer and screenwriter for twenty years, bringing together innovative directors, actors and writers to entertain audiences all over the world. She’s worked with top talent such as Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz, and Lesie Bibb.
Kim now brings her collaborative talents to real life, coaching clients burning to shed light on their story. Working one on one and in groups, she is passionate about building a storytelling community. As a keynote speaker, Kim inspires audiences to believe, shine and be fearless with who they are today.
She loves the ocean, her children and a long hard laugh.