John  Miller, CEO,

John Miller, CEO,

John Miller is the host to one of the first internet broadcasts on 4/18/1997, The John Miller Program live from his house before anyone even though that Internet Radio/Webcasting would take hold. This is one of 5 shows to be the first to broadcast on the internet 20+ years ago April 18th 1997. Here is just the top layer of what John has been in broadcasting over the last 20+ years. John has also worked in the IT field for United Airlines, Dell, DHL, Macys, Siemens, Salvation Army and Drive then Microsoft as Network Engineer and Project Planner for large deployments. He was the first Operations Manager and Network Manager of Surf Media Group AKA: Voice America and BoomBox Radio in Tempe AZ. back in 2001. Now John i is Founder/Owner/General Manager of San Francisco #1 Internet Radio Station, He is manages of over 50 radio shows and staff of 100 in downtown San Francisco.