Marc  Treitler

Marc Treitler

Marc Treitler is a successful executive and lawyer but he grew up in a family with a deep history of addiction on his mom’s side. Although his Mom avoided alcohol and drugs, Marc and his sister succumbed to addiction. Marc’s wife and kids struggled to understand the drinking and the anger. It was only when he recognized the effects of his addiction on his family that he took the steps necessary to recover. Mark understands the Science that equates allergies to alcohol and drugs to other allergies, much like the allergy to peanuts. He is a believer that if one of your parents has an addiction, you might have that same allergy hiding in your genes. But he also believes the good news is that you have the choice not to activate it. In his book, My Dad is an Alcoholic-What About Me, that he wrote with his daughter Lianna, he tells readers everything he wishes someone had told him about addiction.