Bukola  Bello

Bukola Bello

Bukola is the Principal and Owner of the lobbying and strategy development firm VISION M.A.I. CONSULTING, a government affairs and public relations consulting firm, specializing in the highest level of advocacy and media savvy materials, with offices located in Springfield and Chicago, Illinois. She has represented clients on a variety of issues: public utilities and energy, healthcare, education, post-employment benefits, education, gaming and fantasy sports, labor, corporate policies, finance and regulatory provisions. Prior to starting her own firm, Bukola spent much of her career in a variety of government and government-related positions. She served as a Pension Analyst to the Illinois General Assembly’s Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability where she prepared historical, statistical, and economic analyses pursuant to legislative requests for legislators in the House and Senate. At COGFA, she co-wrote and authored seven published retirement reports.