Sergeant First Class  Trybus

Sergeant First Class Trybus

Sergeant First Class Trybus joined the Army in 1986. After basic training, she was stationed in Germany where her primary responsibility was in the arms room and held the distinguished title of unit armorer. She held these responsibilities in various areas around the world until she transferred from Active Duty to Army Reserves in 1991 where she trained as a Civil Affairs Specialist. In 2003, she applied to become active again, but this time as Active Guard Reserve (AGR). She was trained as an Instructor and as an Operations Manager where she instructed Soldiers and in processed them to the School House. While on active duty, she was deployed to Iraq from Dec. 2010 until Sept. 2011. In 2013, she taught ROTC students military discipline. Currently, she works as a Civil Affairs Team Sergeant where she manages Soldiers’ training needs.