Dr. Mary Anne  Chase

Dr. Mary Anne Chase

Mary Anne was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma. She attended Oral Roberts University where she met her husband Gregg. She attended Dental School at the University of Colorado and was in private practice as a general dentist for 20 years before retiring. She then received training as a Health Coach from Hilton Johnson and became a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner. Her heart rests in the healing arts, with life issues of men and women in their mid-years, but especially with dental and medical professionals and their unique stress issues. As a mother, grandmother and wife, Dr. Mary Anne is always interested in natural healing remedies for her family and as a health care professional, she searched out and found many natural healing methods. Since 2014, Dr. Chase has hosted an internet radio show, The Healing Whisper; A Return to Peace on the Health and Wellness Channel of Voice America.com. She teaches the energy healing technique of The Healing Codes.