Karla  Durán-Palazuelos

Karla Durán-Palazuelos

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Karla has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Bolivia and a master’s degree in Historical Restoration and Rehabilitation from Spain. She has volunteered with many social and cultural non-profit organizations in Bolivia, Spain, France, India, and Puerto Rico. Ms. Duran is the co-creator of EcoTienda La Chiwinha, the first Fair Trade store in Puerto Rico, where she has lived since 2006. In addition to EcoTienda La Chiwinha she also works as a designer, artisan, and Yoga instructor. Recently she became a trustee for the Rio Piedras Development Trust. The Trust is tasked with rehabilitating the historical urban area where La Chiwinha is located. Together with Joel Franqui she supports initiatives to create a world based on a culture of peace.