Jason  Sisneros

Jason Sisneros

Jason Sisneros is a hard nosed, battle-tested CEO who has taken the science of performance and the art of leadership to the next level. He is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in business and innovation. Among his past and current clients are Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Comcast, Microsoft, and he has turned around more than 60 small to mid-cap companies, earning him the moniker, “The Architect.” Jason achieved all of this through the development of a world-class operational system that creates duplicable and sustainable results in any type of company. His system uses gamification to tie together a coherent strategy, accountability and performance. Jason is a highly respected leader whose most prized asset is the loyalty and accomplishments of the people who work with him. He has known the lows of failure as well as the highs of wisdom in learning life is about us and not me. Jason is an author, speaker and turnaround specialist.