Michelle King  Robson

Michelle King Robson

Founder of HER Inc. (EmpowHER and SkinSAFE) Michelle King Robson (pronounced ROBE-SON) is the founder of HER Inc., a data-driven consumer health technology company making health and wellness better for HER. Our mobile and web platforms, EmpowHER and SkinSAFE, help women understand their health and wellness and improve their health choices. It all began with Michelle’s own struggle to find credible women’s health information or to connect with someone going through a similar health issue. Michelle’s health journey lead her to create EmpowHER based on her own need and the need for women to have access to leading health resources and support. In EmpowHER, Michelle has built a company that inspires and empowers women to live healthy and happy lives by connecting them with a community of experts, doctors and people like them who provide reliable health and wellness information, inspiring stories and answers to real health questions with a 24-hour promised response time.