Grand Mother  ItzpapalotI

Grand Mother ItzpapalotI

Grandmother Itzpapalotl is a Taino native, born in Puerto Rico, residing the last 30yrs in Costa Rica. She became a student of Lakota Elder Hidden Wolf back in 1997. She then spent much of her time apprenticing in Mexico where she eventually passed the sacred Altar of the Moon Dance by the original organizer Grandmother Isabel Vega Toluimatl. Shortly after, she opened the Moon dance in Costa Rica in 2009 with the guidance of Grandmother Maria Soto Malinalli. This past year she has now opened a Moon Dance in Puerto Rico (Boriken), bringing this medicine to her people! Currently she lives and care takes at her Spiritual Center, “Teo Chantili,” in Costa Rica that is becoming a gathering and teaching place of elders from around the world. Here many ceremonies are held throughout the year including Moon Dance, Timescale (sweat lodge), Sacred Pipe Ceremony, Vision Quests, Medicine Ceremonies, Moon-planting, and more. Teo Chantli has welcomed hundreds of men and women in.