Lisa  Spicka

Lisa Spicka

As CEO of Maracuj√° Solutions, Lisa Spicka uses her diverse background to help clients identify practical sustainability-based solutions which reduce supply chain risk, create supplier loyalty, improve brand reputation, and increase product quality. Lisa has worked extensively in the US & Latin America since 1997 in the organic agriculture, food and dairy industry. She has held operations, project, procurement, and sustainability leadership roles for organizations ranging from non-profits to multi-billion dollar brands. In her roles, Lisa has led domestic and global initiatives that focus on supply chain integrity, food safety, organic certification, & sustainability management. She also currently guides organic food companies to improve sustainability strategies and results through work at the Sustainable Food Trade Association. She holds a Spanish degree from the Univ. of Neb. Lincoln, and graduated cum laude from Thunderbird School of Global Management, with an MBA.