Frank  Shankwitz

Frank Shankwitz

FRANK SHANKWITZ Founder of “Make-A-Wish Foundation” #1 Top Keynote Speaker for 2016 For over 33 years, Frank has been a keynote speaker for the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s fund raising events around the United States, in addition to Guam, Siapan, and Tinian. Frank has been a keynote or featured speaker at: -The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Commencement Address to the Autumn 2015 graduating class with 19,000 people in attendance, -Closing Keynote Speaker at Harvard University’s “Entrepreneurship & Real Estate Conference” on March 29, 2014, -Jeff Fagin’s Phoenix 2% Club, Scottsdale, Arizona, -Wealth and Marketing Camp, Park City, Utah, -Bill Walsh’s Inspiration 2020 Global Success Conference, Los Angeles Convention Center, -ASQ Technical Communities Conference, Orlando, Florida, -Loral Langemeier’s “Millionaire Makeover Tour”, -Berny Dohrmann’s “CEO Space”, -Closing Keynote Speaker at Harvard University, -Erik Swanson’s “Universal Seminars”, -Bob Donnel