Joan  Brooks

Joan Brooks

For nearly 20 years, Joan Brooks, has been helping women who have experienced sexual trauma to heal, through the innate wisdom and guidance of their bodies. Her firsthand experience of the devastating aftermath of trauma, including what is added: shame, guilt and blame; and what is subtracted: self-respect, self-esteem, trust and a sense of safety, are what compelled her to heal and eventually help hundreds of other women to heal so they could have the courage, clarity and compassion to stand up for themselves and speak their truth. As an air traffic controller, she helped guide airplanes safely across the skies. Today, she guides her clients into and out of the dark, scary places where their treasures have long been hidden. Practicing the alchemical process of befriending and attending to the dark emotions long buried in the body, leads to wisdom and truth. Alchemy takes place as the emotions lighten and dissipate, leaving in their wake joy, faith, and trust.