Radio Episodes
9/11/2019 banking-on-the-future-fintechs-finance-makeover

Banking on the Future: Fintechs Finance Makeover

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The Buzz: “Like many technology driven industries, [Fintechs] regulations are horribly outdated, authored at a time when an app meant fries for the whole table, and spam was just canned meat. Listen Now

8/22/2019 the-changing-face-of-core-banking-technologies

The Changing Face of Core Banking Technologies

Breaking Banks Fintech
How is the way we make basic transactions changing and what does that imply for the future of banking? Penny Crosman, Sultan Mehji, and Santo Cannone join Brett King and Jason Henrichs on a brand new Breaking Banks! Listen Now

8/8/2019 solving-americas-retirement-problem

Solving Americas Retirement Problem

Breaking Banks Fintech
Penny Crosman, Editor at Large for American Banker notes that while there are plenty of companies happy to help consumers who already have a sizable nest egg, relatively few are focused on those who've fallen short on saving for retirement. Listen Now

1/25/2018 will-voicefirst-help-banks-make-money

Will VoiceFirst help Banks make Money?

Breaking Banks Fintech
Customers are switching to VoiceFirst devices at a rate that outpaces other adoption. And unlike many technologies, VoiceFirst adoption is high with all generations, particularly GenX and older. Listen Now

6/22/2017 removing-mystery-of-money-movement

Removing Mystery of Money Movement

Breaking Banks Fintech
Why does it cost so much to move money? If every record is computerized, if all the movement is recorded electronically- then why the fees to get money out of a different banks atm? Why the fees to spend your money in another country? Listen Now

5/12/2015 digital-banking-comes-of-age

Digital Banking Comes of Age

Digital Industries: Changing The Game, Presented by SAP
The buzz: You Can Bank on It. Digital technology is changing the banking industry by influencing the ways we bank and what we expect from banks. Listen Now