Spud  Murphy

Spud Murphy

Spud Murphy was born in a small, rural Irish village and moved to Dublin as soon as he was legally allowed where he received a diploma in Sound Engineering and later a degree in Journalism and Visual Media from Griffith College Dublin. During college, Spud wrote for a popular Irish rock, indie electronic music website called "Drop-D" and after college took over as the editor. Spud interviewed anyone and everyone from the alternative music scenes in Ireland, UK & the US. Spud freelanced and published in "The Irish Independent", "Connected", "Hotpress", all mostly about music. When the recession hit Ireland Spud moved to Poland and quickly found a job teaching English. A job that he detested. After listening to multiple podcast Spud decided to start a podcast that would get to know the person behind the stage personas of stand-up comedians and comedy writers. Spud's favorite interviews thus far are with Michael Parkinson, Gay Bryne and Louis Theroux.