Greg  Raths

Greg Raths

Born in 1953, the young boy with an adventurous spirit grew up to become Colonel Greg Raths, USMC, and fly jet fighters in combat. Greg received his Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University in 1975, and entered the Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant the same year. He fulfilled his lifelong dream to become a fighter pilot. He participated in Operation Desert Storm, flying 45 combat missions in the F/A-18 Hornet. He then commanded a Marine Corps Fighter Squadron and later a Marine Aircraft Group. In 2003 he served as Chief of Staff, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, and in 2004 he took on the role as the Marine Aircraft Wing Commander before retiring from active duty in Nov. 2004. Greg retired to live a more peaceful life with his wife Luci, his son Michael (Major USMC) and twin daughters, Kristen & Kathy. He was a commercial airline pilot for a short time before becoming an author and writing the bestseller, 9 Lives of a Fighter Pilot, One Pilot’s Personal Story as an American Patriot.